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Bridging Business Solutions specializes in supporting dental practices, Dental Service Organizations, dental practice transitions, coaches and consultants, and businesses supporting the dental community.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between People, Process, and Performance. We create a systemized process utilizing SYSTEMology's methodology. SYSTEMizing your business creates time, reduces errors, and scales your profits with proven business systems. In addition, it teaches your team how to perform consistent, repeatable, proven processes to achieve success for your business and your team. 

We assist you with identifying the critical systems in your business by completing the Critical Client Flow (CCF) with your practice. The CCF discovers the essential systems in your practice, which produce 80% of your revenue in the initial 90-day phase. 

We define, assign, extract, and organize the systems from the heads of your knowledgable workers and place them into systemHUB, systems management software. Additionally, we teach you how to utilize project management software in tandem with systemHUB. SYSTEMizing your business frees the business owner from the day-to-day operations, allows employees to take a vacation, and creates a system-run business model rather than people-dependent. Have you ever had a team member resign and leave with your knowledge in their head? Stop this cycle and protect your business assets by documenting your systems. 

Are you ready to organize the chaos in your business? 

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... About Me

I'm a Strategic and Critical Thinker with 20+ years of experience cultivating partnerships, expanding network connections, influencing buying decisions, designing and implementing programs, training employees, and educating customers at a Fortune 500 company.

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and dental professionals in 2021, I pivoted from a successful career working in business development to opening my own business in 2022, Bridging Business Solutions. I aim to bridge the gap between People, Processes, and Performance through SYSTEMization.

I quickly found that the community I served needed to implement SYSTEMS to help remove themselves from the day-to-day operations, to become more efficient in producing results, effective in training employees, and to improve the culture for the owner, employees, and clients.

I joined SYSTEMology® as an independent member and spent hundreds of hours learning about SYSTEMization to quickly and effectively lead my clients through the process. I love learning and continue to invest significantly in my education so that I can deliver immense value to my clients.

I make business systems easy for business owners who don't know where to start. Do you sometimes feel like your business is an adult daycare center? Are you constantly repeating yourself, fixing errors, and trying to hold things together? What if it were possible to create a business that runs itself?

Can you imagine your business running like a finely oiled machine where your team members follow the systems and deliver premium execution and services to the highest standard? It's easier than you think.

When I'm not helping entrepreneurs reach their next level of success, I take walks around my neighborhood, watch movies, and spend time with my husband, five children, three grandchildren, and my fur babies.


Our Mission at Bridging Business Solutions is to provide people and businesses worldwide the chance to grow effortlessly by bridging the gap between people, process, and performance.  

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Our Vision at Bridging Business Solutions is to streamline, systemize, and reduce the cost of training with the tools to provide a smooth and simplified approach to training and developing employees to unleash their confidence and potential to impact your business, families, and communities positively. 

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Our Virtues at Bridging Business Solutions enable us to pursue the belief in God, honesty, courage, compassion, generosity, integrity, fairness, self-control, diversity, and balance. 

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