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People,Process,and Performance

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What Bridging Business Solutions Can Do.


Hiring a Virtual Assistant allows your employees to focus on core competencies, reduces your overhead costs, and saves you time and money.


SYSTEMize your company information, your employee onboarding and training, company policies, and all of the training processes for your systems in one place. 


SYSTEMized processes teach your team how to perform consistent, repeatable, proven processes to achieve success for your practice and your team. 

Are you ready to SYSTEMIZE your business?

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Why Bridging Business Solutions?

We bridge the gap between People, Process, and Performance. 

  • SYSTEMologist™ & Certified Consultant with Trainual

  • Systemized, documented and organized training desktop

  • Ready-made templates to start the process. No need to start from scratch 

  • Organize your content into Collections, departments, teams, locations, or whatever you'd like to make it easy to find

  • Every process uses smart time estimates to simplify the scheduling of training

  • All Employee Onboarding Processes in one place

  • Consistent training for all employees with simple to manage assignments

  • Employee tracking and testing capabilities

  • Training Introduced through text and video

  • Easily embed content, PDFs, Videos, and more into the training

Who Do We Serve?

We bridge the gap between People, Process, and Performance. 

Bridging Business Solutions specializes in supporting dental practices, DSOs, and dental practice transitions.

We create a systemized process utilizing SYSTEMology's methodology. SYSTEMizing your business creates time, reduces errors, and scales your profits with proven business systems. In addition, it teaches your team how to perform consistent, repeatable, proven processes to achieve success for your business and your team. 

We assist you with identifying the critical systems in your business by completing the Critical Client Flow (CCF) with your practice. The CCF discovers the essential systems in your practice, which produce 80% of your revenue in the initial 90-day phase. 

We define, assign, extract, and organize the systems from the heads of your knowledgable workers and place them into systemHUB, systems management software. Additionally, we teach you how to utilize project management software in tandem with systemHUB. SYSTEMizing your business frees the business owner from the day-to-day operations, allows employees to take a vacation, and creates a system-run business model rather than people-dependent. Have you ever had a team member resign and leave with your knowledge in their head? Stop this cycle and protect your business assets by documenting your systems. 

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Let us Bridge the gap between people, process, and performance.

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